End Nov 2020 News

Hello. My name is Mike.

So, what’s been happening? Well, Twende is rockin’ along and coming together really well. So kiff. Amazed we haven’t shared anything but that’s how we *rolling*.

I’ve submitted my 33-page creative outline for the next Bru & Boegie movie. Have moved on to writing the script, about 6000 words in and I’m surprised it’s kind of coalescing.

I’m afraid I don’t really have much to share here – I mean, I suppose I could share screenshots of a script but I dunno if that’s interesting.

Been watching hours and hours (and hours) of writers talking about process, mostly vids from a YouTube channel that’s a treasure-trove of writing knowledge called Film Courage:

It’s writers and producers talking about craft, structure, common mistakes, industry, what makes a compelling story, etc. It’s been a mini education. They’re all coming at it from a ‘writing for a viable Hollywood screenplay’ angle and nearly all of them are clear that if someone wants to make something creative and self-fulfilling and experimental (like Bru & Boegie), that’s not what they’re teaching but I’m hoping that by listening to these writers talk – which has become like entertainment for me now – I’m internalizing their wisdom.

Normally what I’d do (like with Goldfish music videos and Moosebox etc) is figure things out in boards and use doodles to fast-track the process, but I’m giving script and outline stage a really good go this time as that’s more of a typical process and I know my writing-muscle could use some practice.

Been neglecting my YouTube channel the last few months and that’s dropped off a bit, even though (luckily) it keeps ticking over and bringing in some passive income that I’m thrilled about and grateful for. I’ve almost finished a new Pac-Man 8bit remix track and once that’s done, will do the boards and animation for it. Peeps seem to go for that 8bit pixel art stuff more than anything else I put up.

Anyways. What a year eh? This post has no images, it’s just text. Text text text.

Attitude of gratitude. I’m trying to evolve. Bye.

Edit – ah ok, my pals @ Braintrust put up this rad Twende post. A pic!


Mid-Nov 2020 Update

Hello fellow human. How are you? Don’t answer.

I’ve been busy the last little while, doing what you might ask? Why I’ve been involved in Twende; the pilot’s been in pre-production and now production for a couple of months, and it’s looking *great* wow wow wow. I don’t think we can really show anything, it’s all under wraps, it’s in conjunction with Mind’s Eye Creative in Joburg, as well as the production company Braintrust (Sam Bank and Hélène Sifre) in the UK/US, creators Regan & Charlie Maas, co-creator Kayla Archer in SA and partner Kwame Nyong’o in Kenya. Everybody’s been working really hard on it, and it’s shaping up awesomely. We’ve recorded all the voices in East Africa via a live link-up (was so cool), and so much other kiff stuff with this project.

Apart from that, I’ve been doing little bits and pieces in the evenings and on weekends. I’ve *finally* just tonight finished writing my outline document for the next Bru & Boegie movie that I got some development funding for. It’s like a 10-page thing with some exploratory art. I also have a 24-page document of alternative outlines that I’ll prob pull from. It’s taken months yo. I’ve adapted some of my old ‘Dogshow with Cat’ illustrations to expedite the process.

Did this cool single design illustration for Goldfish’s new song ‘Forever Free’:

Kayla Archer helped me with the text, great job. Dave & Dom helped art direct and produced. You can hear the song here:

I’ve made a new single design too for a still-to-be-released Goldfish song. And oh ya, fellow South African 2D animator/director Matt Torode made a new music video for it! I was involved in some of the early discussions and some producing, and I animated about 30 secs of it:

And then ALSO, Max Hurrell (famous for his hit tune ‘Zol’) came to my bro’s place in Cape Town while I was there and we filmed this funny piece to promote their new song ‘Tough Time Never Last’ involving local legend Demi Demi. I’m a big fan of Demi Demi’s sage advice, and the nuts ‘habplprkteplouh’ bit he does at the end of his messages. My boet Dave and Max remixed his voice into a super dank tune. Here’s the promo video I edited with Dave and with input from Max:

And here’s the tune!

What else… yeh, that’s about it I think. Still getting Moosebox fan art that I repost on Twitter and/or Instagram stories, but alas, no news on whether the English versions will all be released online. There only seem to be about 7 or so of the 20 episodes we made dubbed into other languageson YouTube. Maaaybe one day they’ll see the light of day, but I’m not holding out hope. I don’t own them, Nickdelodon do, and there’s not much I can do. Seems like buried treasure.

Oh ya, did an animated music for my bro’s solo project that I’m *really* proud of and can’t wait to share once that’s live.

Until next time, this has been an interesting year, bye.


New Chitose Aiport International Animation Festival 2020, Japan

I added the laurels for the fests. Look.

So, ma boiz Bru & Boegie got selected as 1 of 5 feature films in competition at the ‘New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival’ in Japan, 2020. NICE! I’m stoked about this.

Their site here.


I’m writing a new Bru & Boegie in the evenings and on weekends. I’m pretty excited about it.


End Sept 2020

Hello there friend. I don’t think I ever posted this Frog Smashers pic I did, so, here, I am posting it:

White Frog about to get smashed by Green Frog.

In other news, I’ve been wanting to make a proper portfolio, just like a list of works in a basic HTML file thing, but haven’t yet got around to doing that (edit – I started it here). My portfolio got shanked when my site’s theme wasn’t supported anymore so I just have a couple things there. My site’s pretty stripped down at the moment, I think it could be even more stripped down tbh (edit, I did strip it down a bit). I should prob also use categories in the portfolio to help filter/sort between Goldfish music vids, Bru & Boegie, The Kiffness, commercial work, personal shorts, etc… (edit, I didn’t do this.)

Anyways, in other news, we’re making the Twende pilot! YOSSS!

Also, I’ve got some funding to develop a new Bru & Boegie thing, so I’m stoked about that.

[Edit] Also, ‘Bru & Boegie: The Movie’ is currently playing at the Ottawa International Animation Festival! Nice!



July 2020

WOW GUYS. What an eventful month! To kick things off I’mma put some Mozart on and write this post. Jks can’t concentrate with music on. So, what’s been happening? Well, obvs a lockdown but for animation, it seems like business as usual. Many of us have been working in solitude for years, ha.

FIRST THINGS FIRST – I got an *amazing* gig from an agency based in the US to do an 8bit pixel animated piece for Atlanta United soccer team. Big thanks to my colleague Joe Burrascono; founder of Nathan Love animation studio in NYC, who recommended me. Got cracking with boards, animatic and then animation and finished within a week of starting – toit deadline but all went smoothly and v. rewarding. Here’s the finished piece:

Also placed and mixed music and sfx which was pretty fun.

Earlier in the month I gave a 1-hour Zoom workshop about ‘How to create an animated show deck’ as part of the National Arts Festival aka Grahamstown Festival. The NAF went digital this year like so many other festivals are doing/have done due to covid restrictions. It was apparently the second-most subscribed workshop, at my (prob wrong) request we let only a handful of peeps in to keep it feeling more intimate but prob could have actually just let everyone in. I was pretty nervous leading up to it, but all went well and got some positive messages from peeps afterward who said they found it useful, so – thaznys. Here is that:

Also, my ‘Bru & Boegie: The Movie’ was/is playing at the NAF – nice! This is its South African festival debut, I’ve temporarily taken it down whilst it’s screening at NAF.

Then some outrageously kiff news – ‘Bru & Boegie: The Movie‘ was selected as one of the six feature films in competition at OIAF – Ottawa International Animation Festival, North America’s largest animation festival. HA! Can you believe it?!? 😀 I am thrilled yo! Almost every time I think about this I smile big and/or lol hehehehe. Have been getting hearty congrats from many, ya, just a really rad thing. I’ve attended Canada’s yearly OIAF a couple of times in the past thanks to South African delegations arranged by AnimationSA and funded by gov, which makes it extra special. Man, I’m beyond stoked the selection panel had a good sense of humour. Good on ya.

A thing of beauty.
There’s Bru & Boegie riiight at the top of the list, lolol.

Did a fairly comprehensive (longboi) tutorial for animating pixel art in Toon Boom Harmony. It’s a niche thing but gonna post it here anyways:

Currently doing a cool animated music video for my bro, there might be some exciting Twende news to announce soon (oowee!) and a couple other nice things. Been blessed during this time. Folks are in Plett and doing well, my bro’s making rad content and branching out into new fields, my cat Angie continues to keep me good company and I can run on the beaches in Plett. S’GOOD.

If you wanna check out my Twitter I generally repost Moosebox fan art and bits and pieces, I also post a fair bit on my Instagram.

Thanks for reading.


First half 2020 Update

Dude! HELLO! How are you?!? Are you surviving the lockdown? Well, if you’re reading this, the answer obviously is ‘yes bru, hectic.’ What a great time to be alive!

So, I’ve done some stuff since the last post. And I’ll post that stuff here because you know that’s what I’ve done man!

A collection of Madam & Eve LOTTO TV ads I animated roundabout 2010.
Cut a new Moosebox teaser!
L’il lofi chill animation loops set to music from Epidemic sound.
Adapted the Session Victim Animated Music Video into a Ms. Pac-Man Adventure music vid.
Little song and animation I did one evening.

I did a ridiculous multi-part Bru & Boegie comic series called ‘Corona Story’ that got into science skepticism, 5G, conspiracy theories and is generally just a beautiful mess:

A little Dedouze tutorial I did in Blender which was cool.
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Also did this very odd 3D thing while just messing around in Blender.
And then Emmanuel Makunzi Kingunza Jnr did this awesome 3D Bru & Boegie rendering! Ha!

Apart from that, work carries on with the Goldfish show, my own stuff’s a little on the backburner for now, hoping some approved funding comes through for a big Bru & Boegie project which is super rad. No more news on Moosebox, I don’t think we’re going to be making any more episodes anytime soon unfortunately – not my decision, that’s Nickelodeon’s decision. I also still don’t know when the Moosebox episodes might launch online worldwide, but I do see a lot of people landing up here from Moosebox searches, so, welcome if that’s you!

Peace out!


Bru & Boegie – Perfect Circle ⭕

Guys, I made another Bru & Boegie short. This one was inspired – the other night I just got in the mood and recorded the voices without a script (again) for this and another episode which I haven’t yet made. Edited it down in Ableton, drew and timed out a basic animatic in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, showed me mate James who said it dragged a bit so I got it running at 1 min, animated it in Toon Boom Harmony, drew the backgrounds in Procreate on iPad, added music & sfx in Premiere and then boom – completo. Thanks for reading these words.